Demeter Ceres

Demeter Ceres is the oldest of the three triplets, Demeter, Aphrodite, and Athena. She has plant and agriculture powers, and runs her own kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Ceres's hair is a shiny brown that has loose curls. Her eyes are a bright neon green, and her skin is a slightly tanned color. She wears a simple green dress that goes down to her ankles. The top half has a middle section that has leaves embroidered in gold beads, and on the outside sections there is a pattern that resembles fallen leaves. Demeter prefers to go barefoot, and is very modest.

Personality Edit

As stated above, Demeter is modest and doesn't mind getting a little dirty. Named after the goddess of agriculture, she spends most of her time outdoors. Ceres is very claustrophobic, and her castle is not that big. She supplies the other two kingdoms with food.

Powers Edit

All of the triplets have powers, and Ceres's powers all related to farming. She can grow plants from her palms, such as her trademark vine growing. Demeter can also speed up crops in their growing.